Aircraft Management

Master Tracker V12.79

Studying the Aircraft Tracking Reports is an acquired skill.  It requires attention to detail & the ability to stare at the computer screen with focused attention.  It’s the same skill set as an accountant.  

Whether you are a pilot or engineer, we are almost certain you did not enter your chosen profession to watch a computer screen to scrutinize when the aircraft is due for an inspection or when a component is about to retire.  It’s kinda like watching paint dry or grass grow…You just want the aircraft to fly.

For this reason, Skyline Helicopter Technologies is proud to announce, we have scoured the globe for a specialist to develop the Master Tracker program to relieve you the burden of maintaining the health of your helicopter.

With this tracking tool, you can rest assured you will not overfly an inspection, your components will be replaced when they need to be, your Airworthiness Directives, Alert Service Bulletins & Service Bulletins will be up to date.

This means Transport Canada will not be breathing down your neck for your maintenance tracking, you will have peace of mind knowing your aircraft resale value remains high & most importantly you are flying safe.  

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