Pre-Purchase Inspections

Purchasing Process

The purchasing process for a phone, a house, a boat or a helicopter is the same: You research, you chose, you inspect & you buy.  

However, the purchase of a high priced item, such as a thorough bred horse or an exotic sports car, needs to involve experts to compare the condition with the asking price.  In other words: “Is the asking price too high for the condition of the item?  The experts will know.  They deal with this all the time.”   

In the case of a helicopter, where it involves high technology & high dollar value, there is another layer to inspect… a layer of regulations that cannot be neglected or it will be a proposition potentially twice the purchase price of the helicopter.     

Skyline Helicopter Technologies has the specialists trained on the helicopter you are looking for.  They know where the weak points are.  They know the strong points.

You can tap into their knowledge & experience for an informed negotiation.  They can even guide you to match the helicopter for the job you are pursuing.    

By having a Skyline Helicopter Technologies expert with you, during the Pre-Purchase process, you will have peace of mind to know you are buying a helicopter at the right price, for the work you intend to use it and how much work needs to be invested in your helicopter to get it on the job, earning money for you.  

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