Flying Is Your Expertise... Maintaining Is Ours. Let Us Show You How We Can Serve You.

If you have a helicopter on our list of Supported Aircraft, there is nothing we cannot do to maintain your helicopter in flying condition.  

Can you perform a correlation check for my transponder?  Yes we can!
Can you recertify my ELT?  Yes, we can!  We do it all the time. 
Can you install a Squirrel Cheek on my A-Star?  Yes, we can!
Can you overhaul my Bell 212 gearbox?  Yes, we can!
Can you change my Sikorsky S-76 from Utility Configuration to VIP Deluxe?  Yes, we can!
Can you replace the TT straps in my 206 Jet Ranger head?  Yes, we can!
Can you replace the tunnel for my Bell 204 aft crosstube?  Yes, we can!  We just completed one in January.
Can you install a camera mount on my Robinson R44?  Yes, we can!
Can you install an Aux Fuel Tank on my Sikorsky S-76?  Yes, we can!

I think you get the picture.  These questions are just a small sample of our capabilities.  

We can maintain your helicopter from Tip to Tail & Top to Bottom.  We can perform the required inspections or assist your maintenance crew.  We can perform vibration analysis, troubleshooting, dead weight testing, oil sampling, servicing, aircraft management, structural repairs, modifications, major or minor avionics additions, full aircraft refurbishment, aircraft reconfigurations, pre-purchase inspections, import or export of aircraft & painting.  So, I think it’s safe to say: Yes, we can!

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