A Message From Our President

Our mission is to treat our clients, vendors & suppliers with dignity & fairness.

Our First Obsession is to provide maintenance, repairs & overhauls with ZERO defects.  This means, we are constantly double checking for proper locking of hardware, flight or engine controls movement & clearances. We are scanning for doors closing properly, proper fitting of cowlings, seals are installed correctly, fluids & gas pressures are where they are supposed to be.  We’re watching for missing tools, that all rags & consumables are accounted for.

What happens if a tool is not accounted for?   We felt this topic so critical to flight safety that we wrote about it in our procedures manual to mirror the manufacturers’ tool control procedure.  If a tool, a rag or consumable item is missing at the end of the shift, all production stops… everybody in the hangar stops what they are doing & search for the missing tool UNTIL IT’S FOUND.

Our Second Obsession is to reduce the interval your aircraft arrives in our hangar to the time it departs to earn revenue (Turn Around Time).  We know how important it is for you to get the aircraft ready for flight, to reap the benefits it provides for you… that downtime is a thorn in your side.  Consequently, in order to ensure accurate Turn Around Times, we need to understand our estimates.

We have studied our estimates to the point that we stand behind them.  This means, WE GUARANTEE OUR ESTIMATES.  In other words, if we quote 151.4 hours on a M-Equalized Inspection of a Sikorsky S-76C++ & it takes us 170 hours, you only pay 151.4 hours.  

Let’s get this straight, we’re not going to skip any steps on our inspections just to reduce the Turn Around Time, but we are constantly watching how we can improve our times.  

Our Third Obsession is treating our clients the way we all would like to be treated.  The following is a list of the way we would like to be treated:

  1. We will never overcharge on parts.
  2. We honour the same guarantees the manufacturer provides on parts.
  3. Components we overhaul have a warranty of 1 Year or 500 Hours.
  4. We always keep communication open to address any questions you may have.
  5. We will not waste your time.

Our Fourth Obsession is to cause no harm to the environment because we would like future generations to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors that we were blessed with.  We want future generations to be able to tell their own stories of camping, ice fishing, hunting or any outdoor activity we were able to appreciate.

Our Fifth Obsession is safety; to our clients, to their aircraft & to our employees.  

The 5 obsessions are interchangeable as they hold equal weight in relevance.

Fly safe my friends!

Joe Natale


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