Robinson R22

Robinson R22
Northern Ontario Robinson Service Center

As a Robinson Service Center, Skyline Helicopter Technologies has been privileged to serve Flight Training Schools, Helicopter Operators who use the Robinson R22 to maintain their pilots’ flying abilities current, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Investors… people who have climbed the ladder of success in their chosen profession… and love the thrill of aviation.  

These Aviation Enthusiasts trust Skyline Helicopter Technologies to provide accurate estimates for a quick Turn Around Time to get them back in the air as soon as possible.  

Operators & Private Aviators trust Skyline Helicopter Technologies specialists to provide reliable Robinson Overhauled Components & OEM Parts.   It doesn’t end there.  They make the adjustments & tests to the systems affected to make certain the newly installed components or parts are not defective before the helicopter leaves the ground.  All this is to fulfill our largest responsibility: safe flight.

Our Parts & On Site Support experts are always there for you 24/7.  They shift into high gear during the busy season to keep our operators working at their maximum potential.

During the winter season, Skyline Helicopter Technologies experts are called on to carry out any Heavy Maintenance such as the 2,200 Hour inspection or the 144 Month inspection.  These checks may include repair of structural defects, replacement of components due to retire, major inspections, aircraft refurbishment, replacement of entire wiring harnesses, interior updates, avionics suite upgrades, operational reconfigurations & livery changes.

It’s estimated, Skyline Helicopter Technologies refurbished over 19 helicopters, restoring the asset for a prolonged life.  Because, in our humble opinion, from an economic stand point, in such a competitive industry, we believe it makes more sense to rebuild the aircraft than to purchase or lease a new helicopter.

The goal of such intense maintenance during the winter season is to safeguard your bird’s reliability & obtain as close to 100% availability as possible.  

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