Field Maintenance

Nick Performing a Daily Inspection

I’m sure you know there is shortage of qualified & experienced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.  

Skyline Helicopter Technologies’ goal is not to replace but supplement the people in your organization.

While your engineer is keeping the aircraft flying with the 100 hour inspection, repairing the Bambi Bucket or running to get Jet fuel for the next day’s work, we can replace major components due to retire…  on site.

In other words, you are not removing components like the Main Gearbox, Main Rotor Mast or Engine Turbine prematurely to ensure your contracts have no disruption.

This enables you to extract the maximum value of your components while maintaining your contracts.    

Our engineers can also assist your engineer on site, to carry out major inspections.  

This means you can have a seamless operation without sacrificing revenue generating flying time to ensure all the maintenance is up to date while preventing costly premature maintenance.

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